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The 4th Interplanetary

Out there we will be free

26 September 1978
Sad old Ex-London Goth.
Married to, in an open relationship with and very much in love with oxfordgirl
Living in The Hellfire Club in Oxford.
Writing songs.
Writing stories
Gonna make movies one day.
Idiot, stupid scared little idiot.
Working on that.
Also kinda angry. Sometimes.
That's about all you need to know.
That's about all there is to know.

Other Facts:

"Every time someone insults the God-Emperor, mejoff's beard grows a centimetre. Every time he kills a heretic, it shrinks a millimetre.
We're all secretly in terror of the way he keeps it so short."eldritchreality

"mejoff once bench-pressed the moon." oxfordgirl

Blake's 7 is love

Blake's 7 is love

Sin City is love

Sin City is love sex

Bisexuality is Real.